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Steve Siemens, The People Builder, located in Des Moines, Iowa has “built” people in every state in the United States plus 22 different countries. He is a highly sought after speaker as well as a very creative author of three books. His unique wit, wisdom, and common sense gives each audience tools, skills, and the encouragement to go to the next level. People leave his presentations evaluating him as one of the best professional speakers in the United States.

They also realize he is more than a motivational speaker, he is a “people builder” and that is why they relate to his presentations with such great enthusiasm. Meeting planners see the value in his presentations because over 90% of his clients hire him again and again. Each presentation is tailored specifically to the group and its goals.

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Push-Ups For PeopleAvailable Now! Steve’s latest book, "Push-Ups For People," provides 30 people-building exercises to help you and others.

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